New Netflix Movies & Shows, Worth Watching?

The past month has been a world-wind for new shows and movies on Netflix (it’s about time!) and of course I pretty much watched all of them.
Here’s my thoughts on them and whether they’re worth watching. Don’t worry this post will be SPOILER FREE and remember these are just my opinions, stuff I dont like you could end up loving.

Remember I’m no movie or TV critique, just an ordinary watcher giving my thoughts and feelings so take this with a grain of salt.


Birdbox took Twitter by storm and was being talked highly of everywhere, I saw a lot of memes made from this movie which intrigued me to end up watching.
I love the idea of ‘end of the world movies’ and this one didn’t disappoint, i think the acting was amazing, i loved the concept and how it was produced. I actually watched this twice to fully understand the messages and understanding the ending properly, and i think the end was very clever. It’s one of them movies that you’re in the edge of your seat for and you can’t look away for one minute.

Bandersnatch, Black Mirror
This interactive film is very entertaining and interesting however pretty frustrating towards the end. Essentially you’re choosing the life path of a young man, who wants to get into the game industry.
The concept and message behind it is clever but after it you’re feeling kind of like you’ve wasted your time. Thats honestly my opinion though, I do think the actors were amazing and the concept is good, however in practise it’s kinda annoying.
Would I recommend? Yes, if you’re patient.

TV Series


Series one of YOU was released and of course I finished it in one day, Penn Badgley from the shower Gossip Girl is a ‘stalker’ in this movie and finds out a lot of info from Bec’s social media, it’s a good series to show how manipulative controlling people are likeable and charming. This is a series that will keep you binge watching to find out what happens next, there’s a lot of shocking moment that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending definitely feels like a foreshadow to a next series (which I’m praying there will be!). Overall I’d definitely recommend this and I think it’s fun to discuss this series with others (especially the ending).

Sex Education

I kept seeing this series recommended to me and i scoffed whenever i saw it thinking I wouldn’t like it, this a true case of dont judge a book by its cover. Again, another series i watched in a day.
It’s clear that this is targeted at teens/young adults. It’s very crude but the humour kind of reminds me of The Inbetweeners, with embarrassing moments that happens to teenagers. It shows good diversity, feminism issues, and has really touching moments.
It features great inclusivity and really shows different, likeable characters. Although the main focus of the series is on Otis you can’t help but love other characters slightly more and you find yourself hoping that other characters are seen more on screen. Eric, (Ncuti Gatwa) is for sure my favourite character. I adore him.
This series really portrays important issues around sexuality, gender and race. This was my overall favourite new series and i can see why it’s so loved online.

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