Worth the Hype? Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Receiving the ‘Bad Gal Bang’ mascara in my Birchbox was the most exciting thing to happen to me in a while..
After seeing this mascara advertised and promoted everywhere seeing this in my box was so great – I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

Firstly I received the travel size which means it doesn’t have the full affect of the ‘rocket’ type packaging on the handle. Honestly I’m not that fussed about that, I care more about the formula and wand.
My favourite type of mascara is the natural bristle hairs, this one in particular has a plastic wand which I usually hate but I genuinely didn’t even notice until I wrote this paragraph.. I guess that’s a good thing right?
Usually plastic brushes stab me in the eye and I just don’t get along with them but the Bad Gal mascara is really nice.

Having long lashes means I can really see the potential in mascaras, and I can make even the crappiest of mascaras work.
My first impression of trying this mascara out was ‘wow’. This stuff really does work.
2-3 strokes is all it needs, I found building this up really made my lashes clumpy. Which you will either love or hate. It made them clumpy but manageable – something I could work with.
Plus mascaras dry out within 6 months, full size or not so I don’t mind having a travel size. I have 4 different mascaras open at the moment (even a Chanel one) and every time I do my makeup  I reach for this one – which I think tells you something.

When I run out of this I think I would re-purchase the travel size, not so much the larger size. I think the formula is great and the packaging is pretty cute.
I overall would recommend this mascara!

Travel Size Bad Gal Bang

Full Size Bad Gal Bang

One response to “Worth the Hype? Bad Gal Bang Mascara

  1. I feel like this gives amazing length to the lashes but the only issue for me is that the wand is so flimpsy (i have the full size one so idk if the travel size is different!!) that it feels as if it’s going to break everytime i use it!x


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