Mac Products You Need To Try!


Honestly Mac has quickly become my favourite brand. I love their packaging, their aesthetic and quality of their products. Maybe I’m late to join the bandwagon but hey, it took me a while to be able to afford it.

Since having a Mac makeover last year for my birthday and being able to pick out £40 worth of products I’ve been hooked.

Of course my first favourite is the Studio Fix foundation in NC10! Mac seriously goes LIGHT in this foundation formula!
I’m so happy this shade exists, it fits me so perfectly. The formula is medium/full coverage so I use it on special days or parties. Sometimes I’ll mix it with my drugstore foundations to lighten them up. The finish of this foundation is satin, kind of dewy and it sets really nicely. Lastly this foundation covers up my spots brilliantly but I feel like my skin can breathe through it.

Mac is the first (and only) high end powders I’ve used, I’ve actually repurchased their face powders too. The ‘Next to Nothing’ powder in Light is so creamy, and sets down your makeup beautifully. It doesn’t crease and it sets everything so beautifully, I can’t recommend it enough.


The ‘Extra Dimension Skin Finish’ in ‘Double Gleam‘ is my most favourite highlighter of all time, it’s the most stunning light champagne shade that looks like a stunning dewy glow, and it’s pretty blinding the more you build it up. I’ve had it for a year and I haven’t even made a dint in it..

Last but not least is the ‘Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick’ in ‘Burnt Spice’, I feel SO classy when I wear this, it makes any look, look put together. It’s like a muted peachy pink and I really think it flatters every skin tone. I also have a liquid lipstick in ‘Young Attitude’ from Mac which is the coolest teal (I’m in love with it).



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