Makeup I’m Decluttering

This is actually the third one of these I’ve done! Check the other two posts out here:
Part 1
Part 2

As mentioned tons, I clear out makeup like nobodies business. If I don’t use it as much as I should it’s gone & uploaded to Depop!
Recently I’ve cleared out and here are the things I’ve decluttered…
They’re currently on depop:
If you’re wanting to buy.


Fem Rosa Palette

I just didn’t reach for this enough. I would only keep it for the purple if I did end up keeping it. There’s too many shimmers that look the same and not enough mattes. The shimmers were meh quality but the mattes were amazing to use.
Packaging is stunning and all but I just didn’t give it enough use.


Sleek Blush Palette

I legit used this once. I bought it thinking it’d get me into blush, nope. Never liked blush, probably never will.
It just doesn’t flatter my face! Not more I can say on this apart from it’s a personal preference.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Honestly the shadows are pretty nice and great for a neutral look, I just didn’t use it enough and I hate myself for depotting it into this crappy Mac palette.

Makeup Revolution Highlighting drops

These were a major let down, why on earth is there so much glitter? Applying this stripped off my foundation underneath and it didn’t sit nicely on the face. I want my £4 back that could’ve bought me a meal deal AND donuts!!

2 Lime Crime lipsticks

Lime crime lipsticks are pretty sticky plus these colours aren’t flattering at all. The nude is too orange on me and metallic liquid lipsticks are just a huge flop in my opinion.
MUA liquid lipstick in Splash

THE CONCEPT OF THIS IS GREAT, the packaging is GREAT the shade is GORGEOUS
but the formula is the worst I have ever tried. In my life. This is the worst liquid lipstick ever, boy is it patchy and sticky. I’m super sad about this one. (If you can’t tell).

Zoeva eye primer in Pearl

This is a super weird one, why does this primer make me look super dry and have weird texture when I don’t at all. Keep in mind I have hydrated oily lids haha so if you’re dry I honestly pray for you if you use this. It makes eyeshadow cling weird and honestly please just avoid this.

That’s all, what should I avoid buying?

5 responses to “Makeup I’m Decluttering

  1. I‘ve been keeping things around for legit six months, wanting to make a declutter post. By now I have way too much stuff so I chucked it all yesterday. I‘ve slowly been adding things to the pile, but now it‘s time to take another look at my collection!


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