Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Honest Review


I had been dying to get my hands on this palette for over a year.. When I saw Beauty Bay had restocked with 20% off (around £32) I lept at the chance to buy it.
Firstly the colours are absolutely gorgeous, there’s a variety of shades including purples, cranberries, golds, browns and pinks. The pictures below just show how stunning the palette is.

The palette itself is so large, with pretty big pans, a matte finish and a reflective gold interior. It feels really well made and luxurious to feel and use. This makes it no-so travel friendly but honestly the sturdy packaging makes up for that, I’ve took this out in my backpack a few times and there’s been no damage done.

Coloured Raine

Queen of Hearts Palette

Onto the actual formula!
Firstly I wish there was a matte white to set my eye primer with! Speaking of primer, if you have oily lids you BETTER PRIME girl!!
The mattes are really easy to build up and blend which makes this palette super beginner friendly. There’s a good range of transition shades and crease shades to create a cut crease or halo eye.

Because of the formula of the foils you should use a dampened brush or your finger for best results, as the shades have a different formula to traditional metallics which means they’re best applied without a brush.

Lastly, I had no problem with any of the mattes apart from ‘Ladyship’ which is pretty patchy and not so pigmented, which is expected from a matte purpley-pink shade.

coloured raine queen of hearts palette

My personal faves are
– Noble Woman which is a STUNNING cranberry metallic
– Royal Highness which is a gorgeous champagne muted pink metallic *drools*
– Princess is my fave transition
– Empress is a great ‘all-over’ shade which you could totally just wear on it’s own for a grungey look.


One swipe swatches


Find it here on beauty bay. 


This post contains an affiliate link.

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