Makeup Organisation & Collection


I got the light up mirror for £10 on eBay and I put bobbles, earrings, lashes etc on! It’s super handy and you can rotate the mirror. I also have the I heart makeup setting spray which is great for shadows and melting makeup into your face.


Being a makeup lover but also hating clutter and owning too much stuff is quite a challenge, I’m always wanting more but I’m always clearing stuff out. If I don’t love something I’ll sell it or give it away.
Here’s my ‘collection’ and how I organise it! Keep in mind I live in university ‘halls’/dorm room so I still have some bits and bobs at home for emergency.

Most of my storage is from Ebay and Primark, Even my brush holder used to be a candle!


I use only one draw at the top of my desk for things such as glitters, individual bronzers, colourful palettes and backups so they don’t take up room on my desk but they’re easy to access!


These are the individual items I have!
I have 2 Mac face powders (one is a backup)
Mac mineralize skin finish in ‘Medium Golden’ (use as a bronzer)!
Mac extra dimension highlighter in double gleam.
I heart makeup highlight in Goddess of Faith.

I love these for travel.


NYX ultimate brights palette
Gems from eBay
Lick and Lash glitter palette

These are also kept in the drawer for when I want to have a creative look.

On the left drawer I have some dark liquid lipsticks from Lime Crime, Mac and Bourjois
Then the drawer to the right I have mostly drugstore mascara with a couple of high end samples.

Mmm look at my gross eyebrow stash!! (It just shows it’s well used… shh).
Naked flushed is a gem for travelling, it has a gorgeous natural highlight and bronzer in it.
Elf eyebrow pencil is my current fave.

My ‘everyday’ lip drawer! Full of nudes, pastels and a ‘daytime’ red, I don’t really use lipgloss or lipliners. My current fave at the minute is ‘ludwig’ from Kat Von D.

The primer, foundation & cream product drawer!
The Smashbox stick highlight in ‘LA lights’ is so gorgeous, studio fix fluid in NC10 is amazing.


This rose gold basket was £3 from Primark

Here are my face palettes! I looove Anastasia’s glow kits, they’re gorgeous.
I only have one set of ‘weird’ colours which is the Aurora glow kit! They’re actually very wearable colours even though they don’t look it.
I will talk more about my glittery magnetic palette in another post.

Urgh how gorgeous is this photo.. these are my everyday eye shadows, I currently have the Soft Glam palette on the way (From a Jackie Aina giveaway, how exciting!).
I try to rotate between these four everyday and make good use of them.


This brush holder used to be a candle!

Lastly! My brushes, I have a random set of face and eyebrushes in here
I have brushes from eBay, Wilko’s, Zoeva, Spectrum and Real techniques.

There we have it, my little collection of loves, I hope this was an interesting read.

7 responses to “Makeup Organisation & Collection

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  2. Using an old candle jar is such a good idea for holding brushes! Definately going to start doing this, as I want to seperate the dirty ones from the clean ones!
    I have never thought of looking in Primark for makeup storage, going too next time I am in there though!xo

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  3. Your collection is organised in such a neat, pretty way! I love that Primark basket – it’s such a gorgeous colour. It would be fab if you could check out my new blog x

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