Products I Use Religiously!


When it comes to makeup I am extremely picky, if I don’t like something I will try it a few more times and then decide whether to put it on Depop or not. If I use a product every time I go to apply makeup it really tells me that I love something.
Here’s a few products I have realised I gravitate towards and enjoy using!



Laura Geller Highlighting Palette (£22) limited edition – but you can buy the shades individually.

I’ve had this palette for nearly a year, use it tons but yet there’s not even a dint in any of the shades. This palette includes Ballerina, Gilded Honey and Peach Glow.
I usually mix gilded honey and peach glow, I can’t use ballerina as it’s too dark.

Nonetheless this palette is gorgeous for a natural, yet strong everyday natural glow. I love the way this blends out and melts into the skin – and the shades are really flattering and essentials in my makeup inventory.



After seeing bloggers hype this up for the longest time I bought it on a whim, at first I didn’t like it at all and tried to sell it on Depop.
I decided to try it again last month and kinda fell in love, the ‘contour’ wand (I would call it a bronzer, as it’s too warmed toned).
It really reminds me of the Hoola contour stick. It’s easy to blend out with a brush or sponge, it looks beautiful and natural also.

I only use the bronzer side as the highlight side is pretty awful in my opinion, it strips away my foundation underneath and does an awful job of highlighting.

Every time I go to apply a lipstick I always gravitate to this liquid lipstick, firstly the tone of it is gorgeous.
It’s a peachy nude with a hint of brown, the formula is one of the nicest I’ve ever tried. It feels like you aren’t wearing a liquid lipstick honestly, it feels really lightweight and also non-drying.
Lastly, it’s a pretty good dupe of Mac’s Burnt Spice liquid lipstick – although this one is more light on the lips.


Having being sent this in an ‘Influenster’ box & apply it with a brush (bad move), I felt really sceptical at first because I looked so cakey and orange.. Let me just advise you now… USE A DAMP SPONGE!
It has a medium/slightly full coverage – smells fruity and applies really nicely with a dewy finish. The only criticism for this foundation is that it’s slightly warm toned when the shade is called ‘Rose Ivory’ which indicates it should be cool toned.


ELF’s eyebrow pencil in Taupe is a pretty good deal, I usually go for Zoeva’s brow pencil in granite but being on a budget £3 really caught my attention!
The product has a spoolie built in which makes it really practical, and the packaging is pretty nice too.
As for the shade, it’s a taupey medium brown that can be nicely built up and brushed through for a natural everyday brow look.

Will you be trying any of these out?




*post contains affiliate links

6 responses to “Products I Use Religiously!

  1. oh my gosh – that highlighter palette look stunning ❤ just found you blog and love your style of writing xx followed 😉


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