Easy Ways to Apply Minimalism into your Life!

Declutter (1)

I’ve watched.. so many declutters.. so many minimalism videos.. I’m all minimalism-ed out!
I thought I’d give you some inspo on ways I’ve incorporated minimalism into my everyday life – nothing too drastic – but effective enough to make me feel lighter.
Why have drawers and cupboards full of stuff that isn’t making you happy or serving a practical use – keeping things ‘just in case’ but never using them in years.

Firstly makeup.
Depop has been my best friend, I have decluttered products that I don’t get enough use of, stuff that doesn’t perform as well as I had hoped so I can now focus on the makeup I have.
I realised I didn’t need 12 eyeshadow palettes & I’ve cut it down to 6. Realising little things like you don’t need 3 colourful palettes when you use rosy neutrals everyday is crucial for this process.
Clearing out makeup has been such a soul cleansing makeup and I enjoy decluttering it – for inspo check out some makeup declutter videos on YouTube
(I recommend Jambeauty89’s).


TIP: Place makeup items you want to get more use out of in clear view when getting ready so you have no choice but to use them more!

Secondly food, now there’s two ways you can do this.
Plan meals through the week which incorporate foods you’re trying to use up, and re-organising so you can see what you need to eat.
Or you could just have a huge food clear out and donate to homeless shelters that are in need. If you tried a type of soup and didn’t like it, why hold onto the rest of the sachets? Pass them on.

Another aspects is CLOTHES! You don’t need 7 pairs of black boots (I’m looking at you.. Mum). I bet you have some things with tags on that you’re just waiting to wear. If you haven’t wore it in the past year – get rid of it. We will keep items that are ‘pretty’ but when we wear them they aren’t flattering, so we hang them back up – get rid. There’s someone that will get more joy out of it than you! For the more expensive items you could sell online.

Having one or two large tote bags to take shopping with you instead of buying and collecting 5p carrier bags that are bad for the environment is just bad from every angle. Buy one or two really good quality lovely totes that you adore and make use whilst saving space in your flat and save the environment!
TIP: Keeping ontop of cleaning, opening your windows and investing in a few succulents really keeps everything fresh and bright which will create a nicer atmosphere for you.

Little things like stopping buying candles and buy plug in air fresheners or reed diffusers which last longer, or if you’re looking for the cosy aspect of the light buy some fairy lights & place them in a jar! Candles are a waste of money in my eyes, so I stopped buying them. All personal preference.

Has this inspired you donate and declutter?

4 responses to “Easy Ways to Apply Minimalism into your Life!

  1. this was such a helpful post – I really need to cut down my clothes shopping! I have like 5 of the same style and colour jumpers! thanks for sharing xx


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