Updates: Life, General & University

Since starting university in September, I have had a lot of life changes. I will start by saying I did not expect so much to happen in a few months.
I went to uni thinking people here will be so mature, intelligent and care about their degrees. Totally wrong, I’ve experienced so much ‘high school’ drama and bullying-like behaviour since being here.
On a positive note, the work isn’t as difficult as expected! I’m used to doing coursework and writing essays, plus I’m very experienced with business so I feel as though my degree is going pretty well!

Another thing I’ve learned since being here is to stop being generous with second chances. I’ve let people walk all over me out of the fear of being alone and not having anyone, leading me to be taken advantage of and treated like well, shit.

I’ve learnt a lot and have definitely grown, I know this post sounds negative but it’s really made me become more productive, kind, and I really feel like a better person recently. I’ve had my own little journey to fighting my anxiety and becoming more fearless when it comes to ‘growing up’. And I am really liking the person I am! Even though I give my 100% efforts to people and ‘too kind for my own good’, maybe that’s something to be proud about because not many people have enough empathy and care enough about others these days.

Lastly, I am debating where to live next year at university. So that’s my only worry.
What have you learnt since being at university, or growing up?

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