The Unspoken Subculture Dupe

I was going through my palettes last night, clearing out for university then I opened up this ‘Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette’ and realised it had some of the same similarities to the ABH Subculture palette.
I sat down and looked closely and started swatching and comparing.
That’s when I realised, some of these shades are identical!!
I haven’t heard anyone speak of this dupe so I thought I’d shed some light on it.


Looking at these palettes side by side they look completely different! But once you start comparing individual shades you see that they’re pretty similar.

ABH Subculture vs Zoeva Matte Spectrum

Left, ABH Subculture. £41 for 14 shades. Right, Zoeva Matte Spectrum. £28.50 for 15 shades.

Of course, the formulas are different, for starters the ABH formula is smooth and extremely pigmented in one swipe. They’re more of a luxury formula and have a darker, more smokey appearance. The palette appears more of a nighttime palette with dark shades and interesting metallics.

ABH Palette

-Packaging is to die for, it’s so me
– Colours are everything, so autumnal.
– Extremely pigmented
– Can create tons of creative looks

-Hate the metallics apart from ‘Adorn’
-Packaging can get messy!
– £41 is alot for an eyeshadow palette
– Have to blend alot, have to be careful
-Not the best for beginners.

The Matte Spectrum …

– Is nicely pigmented
– Has an extremely creamy formula
– Is buildable
– Great toned down colourful palette
– Can make daytime looks or colourful looks
– Well priced.
– Great for pro’s or beginners.

– Has no metallics
– Has no neutrals like browns to work with the colours
– Isn’t as pigmented as the ABH


The shades on the left are the Zoeva compared the Anastasia on the right.

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