Honest Thoughts on the Fem Rosa Palette

I’m from the UK & this was the first time ordering from Colourpop! So this post is going to be all about the Fem Rosa palette & my experience with ordering from Colourpop.


This small, compact stunning palette is perfect for travelling! Rosy tones are my favourite so I take this everywhere.

The SHE palette has a rosy design with reds & purples throughout and golden details.
On the back of the palette, there are descriptions of the shades, telling you which is matte or a satin, and the shade names.

Unfortunately, there’s no mirror which is quite annoying when trying to do your makeup in a rush, but the gorgeous design makes up for that.

There are 8 shimmery shades (of some are foiled) and 4 mattes, I see the top row as the inner corner shade, the middle row for the lid & the matte shade for the crease.

Some days I even love just putting one of the shades on and blending it out for one wash of colour.
There’s a mixture of coppers, peaches, goldens & purples throughout so it’s even pretty great for Autumn.
One of the things that stuck out to me is that ‘Gal’ on the second row, has quite a lot of glitter particles, so you should be careful with this shade, maybe wet your brush and use a good sticky primer.
Overall I can’t wait to use this palette so much more and create cool looks with it.

As I’m from the UK, I worried when ordering from Colourpop because of customs fees & postage, luckily the palette & postage combined was around £20, or $25. So it was pretty cheap, to be honest!
I was SUPER lucky not to be hit with any customs fees either, I heard that if your order is £20 or under from America that you don’t get any fees, so that’s something to keep in mind.

6 responses to “Honest Thoughts on the Fem Rosa Palette

  1. The colours look so pigmented! I love the colour pop matte lipsticks as well! They can get a teeny but crusty towards the end of the days wear, but they are beautiful shades. Awesome post!

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