Top Makeup Picks For Pale People

It’s a trial and error for me to find the best products that don’t look funky on me! Being pale means you’re basically white as heck, and pigments show up just how they look in the pan on you. Which could be a great thing or a bad thing, and if you don’t match your undertone correctly it could end up looking disastrous.

Here are my top picks for those who are cool & warm toned, which not only are white enough but are amazing quality!



Seventeen Stay Time, £4.19 – Extra Light. Miss Sporty Perfect Stay – £2.99 – Light

1. Seventeen Stay Time – Extra Fair
A cool toned £4 concealer, perfect for the under eye and blemishes. This is my go-to concealer and my holy grail, it’s so underrated!! Look at the swatch on my hand, it’s a perfect match. I can’t say enough good things, go pick it up from Boots and never look back!!

2. Miss Sporty Perfect Stay – Light
This is more warm toned and ideal for blemishes, depending on your skin tone. The formula is really nice, and £2.99 is a great price. I would love to see them release an extra light version.


Smashbox Highlighting stick in Hollywood & Highlight.

This is the most gorgeous, natural looking cream highlight stick that actually has a pretty blinding glow. It’s the best highlighting cream product I’ve ever come across! It’s a beautiful champagne shade, and totally worth every penny.
This shade is perfect for fair skin because it’s super light and the shade is super flattering.
I use this under foundation or sometimes on top, before setting & applying a powder highlight.


Kat Von D Shade & Light is the best contour palette I’ve tried, the above shades work for me the best, the first shade ‘Sombre’ is perfect for contouring, and ‘Shadowplay’ is the best for bronzing!
Lucid isn’t a highlighting shade on me so I can set my whole face with this colour, same as Lyric, but that shade has more of a ‘banana’ tone to it so I use it under my eyes only to brighten. These finely milled powders are a dream to work with and don’t look muddy or odd on my skin-tone.


Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC10 , £23.50.

Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid is my holy grail, all favourite time foundation.

I always speak highly about this foundation because I can’t get over it!
They have such a wide variety of shades and undertone, and the coverage is amazing.
You can build it up for full coverage or buff in a thin layer for a natural finish.
I’m NC10 for reference & it’s the best foundation I’ve found for my skin tone.



Another highlighter! This one was £5 from I Heart Makeup! It’s a champagne glow with a pink undertone, this is my favourite highlighter of all time. It looks dewy, glowy and gorgeous without the glitter. It performs like a high end highlighter & I truly love this.
Check it out and swatch it if you see it in Superdrug.

Last but not least… Mac Medium Golden!
When MAC did my makeup for my birthday they used this bronzer on me and it looked really great! It’s light and warm enough, just the right shade especially if you’re cool toned. It reminds me of Hoola lite (never personally tried) but it looks like it could be a good dupe.
I use this on a daily basis and I’ve not even made a dint in it.

Some of these products are pricey but they are worth the investment to me as they last a good amount of time and the quality is astounding.

Whats your fave foundation that’s pale enough?!



*post contains affiliate links

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  1. Yes for the pale girlys🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’ve never tried the seventeen concealer but it looks incredible! Love this post babe, keep writing❤️

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