50+ Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers!

Blog post ideas

Blog Post Ideas for Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers!

Whether you’re just starting out in the blogging world, or are in a rut thinking of ideas, look no further! Pick out your favourites from the lists below and get creative! Make your own spins on them, take some cool pictures & get writing.

  • Testing _____  Makeup
  •  My everyday makeup bag
  • In depth review of a palette
  • 3 looks, one palette
  • Dupe post! Similar products that are cheaper than higher end
  • Drugstore Haul
  • £20 full face challenge
  • Beauty news, new makeup coming out autumn, winter (trend mood for inspiration)
  • Updated skincare routine
  • Empties
  • Products I’m trying to use up
  • Products not worth the money
  • My favourite beauty tips
  • Comparison post of makeup (like foundation).
  • DIY post (how to make your own lip scrub etc.)
  • Makeup I didn’t like/ Declutter post/ Why I’m getting rid of.
  • Anti-Haul, why I won’t be buying ___
  • How I take my pictures/edit them
  • Behind the scenes
  • Tips/tricks to blogging
  • Honest thoughts on a hyped product/s
  • Beauty Essentials
  • How I have a pamper day / what I use
  • Morning/Evening routine
  • What’s in my bag? (include what makeup you take out)
  • Favourite lip products.
  • Get to know me, let the audience make a connection.
  • Travel bag essentials
  • Wishlist
  • Trying a new brand, get the best sellers & honestly review them
  • How to make hygiene &/beauty boxes for homeless/women shelters & men ones.
  • Where to donate makeup too / what I’m donating
  • Best organisations to give makeup to
  • My experience getting eyebrows tinted/eyelashes done at ___ Salon.
  • Blog post ideas
  • Favourite perfumes & explain your perfume taste
  • eBay Beauty finds!
  • Aliexpress beauty finds
  • Testing fake makeup & warn your audience
  • First impressions on ____
  • Things to do to improve your beauty blog
  • About me/inside beauty
  • Blogs I’ve been loving
  • Subscription unboxing
  • Why I started blogging
  • Room tour
  • How I organise my makeup
  • Favourite fragrances or candles
  • Top 10 makeup items under £10
  • Favourite drugstore items
  • Life update/mental health post
  • High-end item VS low end, dupes
  • Fave lippies/lip liners

I hope this helps you come up with some ideas! Let me know which ideas you like the sound of.

6 responses to “50+ Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers!

  1. I needed some major inspiration because I’m trying to keep as active as possible on my blog so thank you for taking the time to brainstorm for me! Such a cool concept 🌺


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