Honest Thoughts on ABH Subculture

You’ve probably already seen all the drama and controversy around this palette already, but I’m here to say why I actually do love this palette! (with the exception of 2 shades)..

The packaging on this palette is so unbelievably cool. The selection of golden metallic writing with a velvet teal exterior is simple but effective. The palette itself is heavy and luxurious.

I love opening this up and seeing the colour selection because it makes me feel so creative. You could make smokey looks, wedding looks, daytime & work looks with this palette.
It’s going to be my holy grail for Autumn & Wintertime and there’s a reason for that. Look at the mustards, burgundies, golds and cool toned blues!! It’s honestly to die for if you’re an Autumn lover.

For £41 pounds you receive 14 eyeshadows in a mix of mattes, foils and metallics.
There’s 1 foiled shade (Adorn) and two metallics/duo-chromes (Cube & Electric).


Close up of ABH Subculture


The Shades

Here are my descriptions of the eyeshadows.

Cube – A white base with a reflective baby pink shift.

Dawn – A dark warm toned beige with a hint of orange.

Destiny – A true khaki green.

Adorn – Metallic true cool toned gold.

All Star – Burgundy dark wine red

Mercury – True mid-tone concrete grey.

Axis – Extremely pigmented dark forest green with a hint of turquoise.

Roxy – Light coral pink with an orange twist.

Electric – Unique lime green with a yellow sparkle.

Fudge – True, warm toned brown.

New Wave – Gorgeous bright mustard.

Untamed – Forest green.

Edge – Muted yellow shade

Rowdy – Extremely dark plum with a shift of brown.5


Now the formula is seriously impressive. The matte shades are the most pigmented mattes I’ve ever used. The formula is smooth on all of them apart from Axis which has a bit of grittiness to it. Rowdy also experiences the same issue on a smaller scale. This is probably due to the colour or darkness of the pigments but I don’t see this having an effect on the shadow apart from the extra bit of fall out.

The shades Cube and Electric have the same issue. I’ve never experienced an issue quite like this. It feels like a cream formula that’s been pressed too hard so it’s extremely hard to pick up pigment. I love these unique shades so much that I try and make them work.

I find the colours blend really well, but you need the absolute tiniest bit on your brush and definitely, work up from there. They’re pressed pure pigments so you need to work carefully and take your time.
Although I do agree you could make daytime looks using Adorn, Roxy and Fudge. You could also do one wash of colour with ‘Untamed’ or ‘Mercury’ and blend it all over the lid for a grungey look.

When creating a look you should take your time, think about what colours you’re using and really take the time to blend out, otherwise, the colours could turn muddy and it could turn up into an extremely pigmented, unblended mess.
Overall, I need to get the hang of using this palette but I’m seriously in love with it.



a look I did using the Subculture Palette.


Dawn all over the lid, New Wave in the crease to warm it up, Axis to create a halo eye then Electric in the centre & Cube in the inner corner.
After 4 hours without primer I notice electric fade quick, most of the shadows fade and crease. The look became a bit of a mess.

I overall would recommend this palette as long as you’re not a beginner at eyeshadows & you have a good primer.
I wouldn’t buy the palette for Electric or Cube because they kinda sucked but the mattes and ‘Adorn’ are fabulous.

Find the palette here


*affiliate link

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