MALÉE Candle & Brand Review*


Malée recently sent me over a candle to review, which retails for £55. At first, I was apprehensive about this candle because I thought “why is it this expensive for a candle?”.

I have to say I was so excited to receive and open up the package to see that it was nicely tied up with a ribbon and was presented beautifully.
The whole vibe I got instantly was modern, advanced & innovative but I also got an ‘economic’ vibe like recyclable materials, simple packaging that is aesthetically pleasing. Straightforward but effective.

Opening the box gave me a really great experience, a lovely note on top – handwritten. Tissue paper nicely held together by a metallic sticker & the product lay on protective black paper with the latest brand magazine on view. It felt truly luxurious.

The facts –

– Cruelty free

– 100% natural ingredients

– 100% recyclable packaging & contents.


Sitting down and reading all about Malée made me realise what the brand was about. I realised it was a young woman who built a business based on her families African past. This made me full of admiration for the owner & towards the brand.
I think knowing about a brands owner, their past and how their story started really connects their business with the public & it’s what makes a business successful.

Their logo references African earth wisdom, and ‘Malée’ is a ‘term of endearment for a gracious learned woman’ in Bini – which is the language spoken by a tribe in the Edo Kingdom, Nigeria.

Their whole background story is very inspiring and warming, I would recommend you check it out.

Combining the facts about being cruelty-free, ingredients and their great background story I can see why this brand is expensive, they put love and thought into everything they produce.


The candle I received is named ‘Verdure’.
It’s made from 100% soy wax and the scents are of these percentages
55% bright citrus
25% crisp mint
15% warm patchouli

The first note I pick up when having a sniff is the mint aspect, it really sticks out to me. It’s a soft sweet mint that I can’t get enough off, I can smell the citrus in the background and the warm patchouli just helps to tie everything together and give a certain warmth to the candle.


Things I noticed when burning the candle:

– It lasts for up to 50 hours, depending on how much you use the soy wax as a moisturiser.

-The smell isn’t very strong, it has a low impact that doesn’t hit you in the face but you can subtly smell it now and again, which is more pleasant in my opinion.

– The white glass really allows the candle to be bright and light up a room, it feels atmospheric and calming.

– Between uses the wax settles down nicely,  it burns evenly and the wick doesn’t leave burnt, ashy, wick mess like I’ve experienced in the past.


Something that really shocked me is that you can use the melted/melting wax as a moisturiser or massage lotion! I tried this out a few times and every time I noticed a different aspect of the smell that stuck out for example, at first I notice the mint scent but when I smell it on my hand I could smell the warm patchouli scent.

The consistency reminds me a lot of coconut oil and I love how this makes my arms and legs feel, I’ve even been complimented on ‘perfume’ that people think I’m wearing, when it’s actually just candle wax!! I find the whole concept mad, but it’s a nice soothing practice you can take on pamper days (it makes that £55 seem more worth it!).


Personally, I wouldn’t buy one of these candles myself. I would perhaps buy their perfume or body scrub they have which is around £20/30, but £55 is just too much for a candle for me personally. Although there’s a great experience you have with the candle and it’s multipurpose, I couldn’t justify spending that amount!

* This candle was sent to me as a PR sample! I was not paid to talk about this candle. All opinions & photos are my own.

5 responses to “MALÉE Candle & Brand Review*

  1. Those scents sound great for the candle! It is really interesting to see that you can use it as a moisturiser or a body lotion. A very different sort of use. I’m not sure if I could spend £55 on something though, but I am a little stingy with what I spend my money on!

    Lauren 🙂 x

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