Makeup I’m Getting Rid Of

depopI’ve done a huge declutter recently of my makeup & I thought I’d tell you the reasons why, so you could consider for future purchases.
I’ve sold all of this stuff through Depop, all of these pictures are also from my iPhone which is why they aren’t the best quality.
If you want to declutter makeup/fashion and sell on Depop, then read through this post afterwards.

**images below taken with my iPhone, for depop, which is why they aren’t the best quality.




Zoeva Spring Strobe palette,
this is the same concept as the MoonChild glow kit.
But this palette is just 100 times more powdery than it is glowy, as you can judge by the swatches.
The packaging is gorgeous, the aesthetic and idea of the palette are great, but the actual performance of these highlighters are, to be honest – crap. They’re white based powders but have shifts of different colours like pink, blue & green.
Would recommend you save up and buy the actual MoonChild glow kit or NYX do some cool individual highlighters with a duo-chrome twist.



Tarte’s Hotel Heiress Bronzer

This just looked muddy on me, it smells great (kinda like the Too Faced chocolate smell) but the shade wasn’t the best. I think this is due to it being too red-toned. I wouldn’t recommend to fair skin tones.



Violet Voss X Laura Lee

Sorry, but this palette sucks.  (in my opinion)!
For £40/50 pounds I was so shocked at how bad it is.
The shimmers are glitter fall out city, the mattes are so dry and difficult to get any pigment and blending was just… a nightmare. I don’t understand why these palettes are so hyped about honestly because this is not worth the money at all.



Jeffree Star products.
Ok, the first reason why is pretty obvious.
I only got these as they were on offer on Beauty Bay and was curious to try.
The ‘Daddy’ lipstick colour just doesn’t look right on me, and I didn’t actually reach for it, so it was going to waste
& here’s where it gets juicy.
I think the highlighter sucks, I’ve tried 2 of them to see that it wasn’t a batch problem.
The Skin Frost is glittery, it has some weird formula where it feels emollient and clings to your finger… like it’s complicated to describe unless you’ve swatched it in real life.
When using a brush, it only picks up the top layer of glitter also.

Kat Von D quad in Plum
The packaging on this quad is stunning, so sleek and cool, I love the layout of the shades, and I think it is super handy!!

I just couldn’t cope with how chalky the main plum shade was, it didn’t look right on my eye either, and every time I tried to use it, it just kinda creased up and faded on my eye.


Lastly, Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt & Pro Illuminate

The sculpt duo I have mixed feelings on, the highlighter is so unbelievably smooth and has a great formula, but the ‘sculpt’ side was just too chalky and warm toned for me. I just knew if I kept it on the highlight side that I wouldn’t reach for it anyway.

The pro illuminate is a beautiful, smooth, creamy highlighter in a champagne shade but the packaging & the fact it was a subtle highlighter just threw me off and I don’t see myself reaching for it.

Check out my last declutter here!

16 responses to “Makeup I’m Getting Rid Of

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  2. Do you think that the Jeffreestar lipstick was bad quality or do you think the color just didn’t suit your skin? I was asking because I’ve tried the lipsticks and I’ve really loved them. I haven’t tried the color “Daddy” yet; that’s why I was wondering! Also, I know exactly what you mean with the skin frost, I was so upset because the packaging is very gorgeous.


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