Mental Health Update

The summer holidays when you’re a teenager can be the best thing in the world or a lonely isolating place.
Either way, you have to make the most of your situation and do things to keep productive otherwise you’ll fall into a dark place.

It’s been pretty difficult for me this summer, not for any reason in particular but because of mental health issues.
I’ve briefly spoken about this on my blog before, but I thought I’d just remind you, I have been diagnosed with ‘low mood’ which can pop up at any time, ‘panic disorder’ and GAD (general anxiety).

I’ve been pretty isolated this summer, mainly because I’m just gonna say it… my ‘friends’ (not sure if you’d class them like that, to be honest)  don’t really invite me out or check up on me, it’s always me reaching out to them.
So I think I’ve gone out with a friend once, in the past 3 months. So as you can imagine, that’s not a good start. Hopefully, I can make some at university next month. On top of this overthinking and not being able to sleep until early hours of the morning doesn’t help.

The app ‘Calm’ has helped me out, but I only have the free version, it’s good to chill out and listen to a bedtime story, meditate and breathe. I would really recommend trying this out if you’ve been struggling sleeping or chilling out.
Another feeling I’ve felt is stressed.
Not for any particular reason, just the tight ‘anxious’ feeling where any little noise makes me just wanna get out of the room and put earphones in. Sometimes when I listen to the Calm app, I get frustrated and feel like just turning it off because my head can’t keep quiet and it feels like nothing works.

I’ve also felt very down, some days crying for some reason & sometimes staying in bed for hours before properly ‘waking up’ and getting through the day. Some nights even dreading waking up to face the day ahead. It’s been difficult.
I’m still stuck in a rut of feeling low, hopefully, things will look up soon.

Fortunately Calm is starting to help me and actually, blogging. Having a hobby, something to do like taking pictures, editing and writing have been my favourite creative outlet this summer. It’s helped me make friends, improve my English and take cool photography which I’m so proud of. I’ve had a couple brands reach out to me which has improved my confidence and happiness as it’s made me feel ‘important’ and ‘worthy’.

Remember guys, I’m always here to talk. Always speak how you feel & blogging about it always helps at least one person out there.

**This post is not sponsored by Calm, they don’t even know I’m doing this post.


3 responses to “Mental Health Update

  1. Hun if your friends know your diagnosis & understand what you’re going through…and still not reach out to you then you certainly do need knew friends.

    Luckily blogging opens up a world of support!

    Plus thanks for the calm app recommendation I really need to go check this out x

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  2. I suffer from BPD, depression and anxiety. It’s refreshing to hear someone opening talking about their mental health. I have an anonymous blog Where I talk about mental health in a way that is a creative outlet and I can be as honest as I want without worrying that people won’t accept what I’m saying.

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  3. I know you probably hear this a lot, but I know what you’re going through. I have an extreme anxiety disorder as well as depression and it could be crippling. It’s hard to wake up and actually deal with life, so I just wanted to say good job. People don’t realize that things like these are huge accomplishments that you should be proud of. I hope things get better Hun. Xx

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