Wanting to Start a Depop shop?

Whether you’re wanting to sell a highlighter palette you’ve never touched or a designer hoodie – Depop’s got your back.
This post is mainly for people wanting to sell personally, not on a business scale.

I’ve been using Depop for just over a year, I’ve experienced scammers, weirdos and a whole lot more. So I thought I’d share a post all about Depop and my top tips to make sure everything runs smoothly as well as pulling in more sales.

If you’re interested in making some money & selling stuff you don’t want or need anymore keep reading!


The Basics

– All transactions and issues are dealt with PayPal which means it is extra secure

-Remember to follow lots of people so they follow back which means more potential buyers!

Hashtags are good, for example, if you have a highlighting palette you’d do #beauty #makeup etc.

REMEMBER PayPal & Depop take a cut off, so if you sold something for £8 (free postage)
you’d overall get £6.50 after fees are taken off, so keep this in mind when pricing up.

What Realistically Should I Sell?

First of all, you need to think, is there any point of me selling a Primark bag in OK condition for 5 including P&P?
That is when you need to think when you’re clearing out.
A bin pile, for stuff that is unusable and in bad condition.
Charity – for things that you will only make about 50p from
Depop – for things you think will bring in extra money such as high-end makeup, a top from Topshop or a bundle of baby clothes.

Be realistic because otherwise you’re going out of your way to postage up and go all the way to the post office just to make 50p.

Prices, Posting & Listing

depop 2

The best tip for prices is to include the postage in the actual price of the item.
For example, instead of saying ‘this top is 5 pounds with 2 pounds p&p.’
Just say ‘this top is 7 with free postage’. This encourages more sales as they think they’re getting a good deal with free postage (bit sneaky but it works)

*TIP*   When a potential customer is messaging you always slide in that you do ‘do £2 off an extra item they like’
So if you were selling a 5 concealer you could make it £3 and make them a bundle deal.
(you just make a listing with the two items in with the total price and tag them in it).

People may ask you to ‘swap’ aka you send them an item in return of an item off their page, personally, I’ve never done this and I’m not interested in it because it doesn’t appeal to me, I’d rather earn money than gain another item for the sake of it. Plus it could be a scam.






These are 2 examples of pictures I took with my iPhone,
definitely take the time to take pictures in the daytime when there’s lots of natural light.
It shows you don’t need a fancy camera or lighting, a good open area that has a clear background to fully show the items is great.

You can take 4 photos in one listing so try to fit in every angle and show any faults.
*(Also remember to list faults or anything wrong w the item in the description which helps you with future seller protection). 

For clothing items, hang them up on your door or wardrobe & take pictures in clear daylight. Also, try and include one of you wearing the item.


depop 3

When posting off items ALWAYS make sure it is either signed for or tracked. It is stated in the PayPal rules that seller protection doesn’t work if you don’t get proof that the customer has received, so keep hold of your receipts.

*ALWAYS send the item to the address that is on the PayPal receipt!
If they send you a message saying how it’s their old house for example, and it needs to be delievered somewhere else DO NOT do it, It is a rare scam that these people use. You send it off to the wrong house & you have no proof that they have received it, they contact PayPal saying they don’t have it so they get their money back plus your item.

Only get the buyer to pay through the app, no bank transfers, no PayPal friends and family because they’re just other ways scammers can manipulate you.

Lastly, as I said earlier, always get things tracked or signed for. My favourite is second class signed for as it’s the cheapest.

Are you going to start selling on Depop?


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  2. This was such a help. I’ve been thinking of opening up a Depop but I wasn’t sure on how or really what I should know. Thanks for sharing this, I’m saving it to my bookmarks so I can refer back to it. 🙂


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