Tips to Be More Productive

tips to be more productive
Since starting my own YouTube channel I’ve had to keep a tight schedule and really use my motivation and passion to move forward.
I’ve loved every second since starting my blog and YouTube, so I thought it’d be a good idea to share tips whether you’ve been blogging short-term or even long-term to spark some ideas in your head!
These tips could help get your life together, be more organised or even help out your stress levels.

1. Twitter Growth & Group Chats


stats shown from July 2017.

I find Twitter the best way to grow, meet more people in the community and get more subscribers!
Follow similar bloggers/YouTubers to you, communicate with them.
I found when I tweeted out more, spoke and got involved with others that my YouTube grew greatly.
When you gather up a similar following, maybe start or find a group chat to share tips and tricks with, as well as you all end up following each-other therefore growing your reputation whilst making friends!

Twit-timer is my life savior.
When I know I have a busy day the next day I can schedule tweets (without the watermark of the website on your tweet!!)
I can schedule random tweets like ‘wow glitter eyeshadow is life’ to promoting my blog or a YouTube video
Plus there’s an archive of everything you’ve scheduled, which you can re-schedule and post out to your followers again!
Definitely would recommend.

Another programme which is genuinely amazing.
If you’re like me and not the best with grammar or spelling, Grammarly is a google chrome add on that will make life 100x easier.
PLUS it’s free and you get weekly reports on how you did that week.
Something about the weekly report makes me feel productive and accomplished!
Definitely great for writing those blog posts and YouTube descriptions.


The #blogger tag on Twitter is filled like people like you!
From fashion to food bloggers, posting and interacting with others in this tag will help you grow and make more connections.
As well as the following tags:
Definitely check these out on Twitter and get involved, there’s also blogger chats where you can share tips, opinions and views on topics.

Keeping a notepad/journal with a schedule or bullet points for the day or week ahead.
It’s quite an obvious one, but some people forget to do it.
You know the feeling where you feel like your head is going to EXPLODE from trying to remember ideas and plans.
My journal was from Urban Outfitters (in the sale of course!)
it has a time table section, what do you want to achieve from the day and a to do list.
There’s also a note section if  you want so you could make bubble maps of blog ideas
(for example, a Halloween series bubble map full of ideas!).
If you have a day off make sure you plan your day to get everything done for example photography from 2-4pm, writing from 7-9 and social media promotion time from 1pm-2pm.

6. Make sure everything ties together!

I recently changed my YouTube URL to EverydayHannah to make sure everything fits well.
This also ties in with your banner, if it’s a sunset on your twitter header but your blog header is of makeup and they don’t match up then it doesn’t look professional.
You, yourself as a blogger are technically a brand, a reputation.
So if your blogger username on Twitter is your name with ‘xo’ on the end, but your blogging website has nothing to do with your name then brands will be slightly confused and put off.
Make sure all of your social media links and usernames fit together and represent your YouTube or blog as well as possible.

Following on from this, if needed then re-brand yourself. There’s no deadline, if you feel like you’ve grown and changed of course you can change your blog name and what your logo looks like. Just make sure everything is personal and unique to you so you stand out.


Have drafts of things to help you out in the future!
– a PR contacting email all about your stats.
– your collaboration ideas and prices for the brand to look at.
– an about you to send to brands, what you’re about and what your mission is.

You get the idea, just love yourself and help future you out so you don’t have to re-write PR emails!

Last but not least!
Make sure you’re 100% happy with everything you post. Remember that things take time and every time you write or make a video you’re improving. Always find room to improve and remember to love what you do! Motivation and love for this is key.
Always refer back to this post if needed and constantly try new ways to help yourself out.

Whats been your best tip for blogging or improving yourself?

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