NEW Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette


Zoeva recently came out with 2 new palettes to go along with their Cocoa Blend palette, the Cocoa Blend palette was a massive hit and it is such a gorgeous unique eyeshadow palette (definitely check it out)!
Upon looking and deciding between this Caramel Melange vs the Blanc Fusion without any swatches or reviews I ended up going for the Caramel Melange just because the colours seemed alot more ‘me’, oranges, golds with lots of neutral shades.

Firstly I have to say Zoeva do eyeshadow better than some high end brands because they’re packaging is sleek, sophisticated and straight to the point so you can take it anywhere plus the price point is astounding for how high quality the palette is, the formula and packaging is beautiful and so affordable.
Secondly the colours all mash together and they always include a matte white and crease-friendly shades, they make sure that their palettes can create full looks as well as versatile looks so you can have a smokey, neutral or bold eye using the same palette.
Lastly, their eyeshadow formula is perfection, I have oily slightly hooded eyelids and even without primer this eyeshadow lasted a full day on me at college. From beginning to finish my eyeshadow looked just as good! And the formula is so easy to blend and one-swipe mega pigmented.
These shadows are for sure up their with the formula of ‘Modern Renaissance’ by ABH for sure.

On with this palette! Caramel Melange is perfect for warm toned lovers, the selection of shades in this palette are to die for if you love warm shades!
The golden, slim packaging feels so luxurious  and when you dip your fingers into the shades even the mattes feel buttery smooth full of pigmentation. For 18 pounds this is SUCH a bargain and it’s honestly mind blowing how this palette even tops high end shadows (cough cough, my Too Faced chocolate bar).

If you’re on a budget and don’t wanna splurge 40 odd pounds on a eyeshadow palette but you want something with good quality, this is a brilliant option and even for beginners you simply can’t go wrong with a Zoeva eyeshadow palette. (available here).

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