Honest Thoughts on the Mac Mariah Carey Collection


I was so excited when I heard about this launch, the packaging.. the shades and names of everything seemed so appealing and to die for.

As soon as the collection launched I was on the website, and I knew I wanted a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette, so I opted for eyeshadow quad ‘I’m That Chick You Like’ (a selection of warm, glittery satin shades) and lipstick ‘McIzzle’ (warm peachy nude).

Personally I have no faults with the packaging, it’s stunning and well made.
McIzzle lived up to my expectations, the fragrance seemed to be a stronger vanilla than usual Mac lipsticks, the colour payoff and performance of the lipstick was spot on and the colour is a perfect peachy nude for my skin tone.


A look I did using ‘McIzzle’.



Now, here is the point where you pat yourself on the back if you didn’t buy any eye shadow from the range because this is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a high end palette that was about £27.
The pigmentation was pretty shocking on the light brown shade, the rest of the shadows were chunky and awful to apply. The glittery brown shade was absolutely tragic, it felt like grit and it looked seriously bad on the eyelid plus there was sooooo much fallout. The only decent shade in the quad was the dark brown, it performed amazingly and blended out nicely.

Did you pick up anything from the Mac x Mariah Carey range, what was your experience with it?

3 responses to “Honest Thoughts on the Mac Mariah Carey Collection

  1. That lip colour looks amazing!! Someone I love on YouTube really loved the palette she got. I’m wondering if she had a trick for applying! I wish I could find the link otherwise I’d share it!

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