Zoeva’s NEW Contour Spectrum Palette!


Zoeva have recently come out with new concealer AND contouring palettes, the concealer one doesn’t really appeal to me so I decided to get hold of the new contour palette off Beauty Bay for £15!
First of all I have to say that the black matte packaging with holographic rainbow detailing is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a pain about how dirty it gets but it’s totally worth it for how luxurious it looks and feels.
The contouring spectrum palette gives off a high end feeling, and you can tell the brand has really thought about how to present the palette. They’ve also included the most stunning and use-able contouring shades without giving  you tons of shades that you don’t know how to use.
For £15, this is a HUGE bargain that’s worth every penny.

Zoeva’s spectrum contour palette includes

CN010- A matte ‘banana’ coloured powder, which is brilliant for setting under eyes and brightening your face, aswell as sharpening up your contour.

CN020- A warm toned contour, which would be great as a bronzer or a great eyeshadow crease colour for cool toned gals.

CN030- A STUNNING pigmented white glowy highlight with undertones of gold and an almost lilac undertone.

CN040- My most favourite, well loved and used daily contour. This contour shades is cool toned, not too pigmented (works well to look natural) and super easy to work with.
Highly recommend for light/medium skin tones.

Now onto the pigmentation, formula and how it works.
I have to say that all but one of these powders are super smooth, not horrible and powdery and they are a dream to work with. They feel like they would be worth a lot more sitting in a higher end palette.
The highlight is abit powdery but it’s mostly smooth, and if you have dry skin I wouldn’t really recommend it, it is smooth but you have to apply it sparingly because it’s extremely pigmented and if you apply too much you can look pretty powdery and abit dry which I guess could be sorted with a good fixing spray.

What contour palette would you recommend for cool toned, fair people?

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7 responses to “Zoeva’s NEW Contour Spectrum Palette!

  1. I have the Anastasia Contour kit… But I only ever use the shade “fawn” to contour, or I love Hoola by Benefit. I find so much of the time when I get contour kits I only ever use a couple of shades… I need to try some things from Zoeva, what would you recommend?


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