Makeup I’m Getting Rid Of!

HOUSESounds weird, but I get as much satisfaction in clearing out crappy make up than I do buying high end make up. Clearing out stuff that doesn’t live up to expectations or that you don’t reach for is so cleansing, I love offering friends & family stuff so it doesn’t get wasted.
(I know you can find places to donate makeup for those in need aswell! It’s good to research about that).


The first thing I’m getting rid of is this Rose Gold Makeup Revolution lipstick in the colour ‘Blindfolded’ is a patchy, dark purpley colour. If the formula was good then it would be the most perfect pretty autumn colour, but I honestly don’t reach for this and I have much better vampy lipstick colours.



Ordered this MUA lip laquer online in the colour ‘Kooky’?? (unsure) , It looked like a different, more grey toned colour online whereas in real life it’s more purple. I was pretty disappointed plus the formula just didn’t agree with my lips, it left them feeling super dry and flaky (yikes)!!

Natural Collection’s lipstick in ‘hazelnut’ is sooo wonderfully pigmented and hydrated but I’ve found that this doesn’t fit my skin tone, it’s much too warm toned and it doesn’t look right on me.

Maybelline’s ‘Soft Taupe’ in the Super Stay 24 hour range is just an awful formula to be honest, it’s sticky then it crumbles and fades. The colour has to be layered on aswell because it’s not very pigmented.

Not quite sure what L’Oreal was thinking with this applicator, makes it so difficult and basically impossible to get a good sharp line! My eyeliner ended up looking like a thick mess, I must say that the formula and pigmentation is amazing though.

For £2.99 these eyeshadows would be great for a beginner (I got this when I was starting out with eyeshadow!) but to be quite honest, these are super chalky and not that pigmented at all. Pass.

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