Too Faced Chocolate Bar (swatches&review)


There’s no point of me introducing this palette to you because you’re probably sick of the sight of it! So here’s my take on what I think of it, where to get it and some swatches.

The Chocolate Bar palette has the perfect variety of unusual colourful eye shadows and neutral shades, for example candied violet and cherry cordial are unique but wearable colours that you could use as a lid colour then blend milk chocolate or triple fudge into the crease.
You could do so many different looks for practically any season, event or time of day which is amazing. This palette covers all aspects and styles for any occasion! I love how there’s White Chocolate for a matte white base or Champagne Truffle for a shimmery, pretty base and also they are double the size of the normal shadows.
I ALWAYS use one of these colours over an eye shadow primer to wipe out the colour of my eyelid so the eye shadows I use over the top stand out more, it also makes the shadows you put over blend out better.

I wish that it lasted longer than a year (because after a year the shadows will start to go a bit funny & lose their pigmentation).. that’s the only downside to this palette. Once you open it, it will go off about a year afterwards. I’m planning to use this eye shadow palette non-stop over the next year to make the most of it.

The matte shades are super creamy, extra pigmented and a dream to blend. I’ve never been so impressed with a palette before because it does and has everything I needed. It was seriously worth the £40 and I think I would re-purchase it after it has gone bad.
I think it would’ve been nice to come with a blending brush with a flat side like the Naked Palettes, I love how there’s a mirror on the side as well.

If you’re thinking about buying this definitely go on Selfridges site because I’ve seen one too many horror stories about people buying fake ones which can contain extremely dangerous chemicals.

Overall; Definitely worth it especially if you wear eye shadow everyday and like to wear a unique colour now and then.  It could be the best investment of a palette that you’ve ever made.



First & Second row.


Last row (the pigmentation looks better here because I had a slightly damp arm).




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7 responses to “Too Faced Chocolate Bar (swatches&review)

  1. This palette looks gorgeous but I really expected more from the purple shade. I actually get stuck choosing between the Too Faced palettes because they all look fab!


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