What Makeup Should You Splurge On?

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When it comes to makeup we’re offered drugstore & highend, but do you really need that £30 eyeliner when there’s one that’s exactly the same at the drugstore? Sometimes price doesn’t always equal quality but from experience I’m here to tell you what you should be splurging on!

Eyeshadow, Mascara & Eyeliner

I honestly can’t tell you how many drugstore eyeshadow palettes i’ve tried out that were a complete waste of money. I probably could’ve bought 2 Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes out of all of the money.
When it comes to eye-shadow quality & pigmentation you definitely need to invest just that bit more to get amazing quality.
Would you rather have 10 average, not that great eye-shadow palettes that were cheap or one amazing eyeshadow palette that’s super pigmented??

For mascara and eyeliner DEFINITELY get drugstore. They offer a great range of all types of brushes, colours and applicators.
Just try, test and swatch in the store because I’ve come across alot of awful eyeliners!


Definitely stick to drugstore, although if there’s a unique Mac colour or a unique LA splash liquid lipstick then it’s totally fine to splurge out.

When it comes to liquid lipstick I would splurge that extra amount because liquid lipstick formula’s are always the best when you spend that bit more. The amount of drugstore liquid lipsticks I’ve tried and regretted is unbelievable. L’Oreal have the best drugstore liquid lipstick in my opinion and they have a great range.

Base (Foundation & Concealer)

Again this comes down to formula, shade range & coverage but typically you should splurge just abit more. Even if you go for a £15 L’Oreal or Boujouris foundation.
Concealer wise, You can certainly skimp on that because my favourite concealer of all time is the Seventeen concealer that’s about £5 and it’s great if you have super pale skin.
(here’s a link to my ultimate drugstore concealers!)

That’s just my opinion on the basics! I hope this helped you.
What do you splurge on?


8 responses to “What Makeup Should You Splurge On?

  1. I agree with most but when it comes to lipstick there are times you can tell drugstore and high end. Particularly when it comes to bleeding and lasting power !


    • I agree with the nail polish! Rimmel is my go to brand, only £2.99 a bottle and they come in great colours!x


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