Battle of the Lipbalms


I have so many lip balms from different brands that it’s hard to keep up! I have 5 on my bedside table alone. But which one is the best?




Vitamin Water in Dragon Fruit 

I absolutely love Vitamin Water drinks so when I saw they made lip balms I was so excited!

– Smells amazing
– Pretty moisturizing

– HORRIBLE aftertaste – tastes like pure chemicals!

1/10 – Going in the bin.

Malibu Lipcare in Mint

I got this in a set with some sun cream to go on holiday with in the Summer!


– Lovely taste, it tastes like mint chocolate ice cream!
– Not sticky
– Has SPF of 3o.

– Slightly overpowering smell.



Palm’s Cocoa Butter

I really needed a lip balm, and I just grabbed this on the go at Body Care!


– Absolutely love the taste and scent of the cocoa.
– Has a slightly gritty texture to it, so it exfoliates.


– Hate the twizzle-up packaging, it makes it difficult to use on the go.


Nivea Hydro Care

I absolutely love Nivea lip balms, I’ve been buying them for years!

Pros –
Comfortable design
– Get a lot of product
– Love the creamy texture
– Soothes chapped lips.

– Doesn’t feel like the moisture lasts long.


Carmex Lip Balm

I’ve nearly used this lip balm up! This will be the first time I’ve ever used a lip balm up (it’s taken just over a year)!

Feels like it long term helps your lips
Super soothing
Lovely cooling feeling

– Don’t like the taste

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Palmer’s lip balm, Nivea or Carmex!

What’s your fave lip balm?


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