£1 Ebay Brushes?

1Okay, I’m in need of some good eyeshadow blending brushes but I’ve not found any good ones by well known brands (even real techniques!) so when I found a youtubers video saying how they’d got some eyeshadow brushes from Ebay I had to give them a go!

Seeing as they were extremely cheap and had free shipping (i felt abit guilty to be honest)! I decided to order quite a few, and I also spotted a Artis Brush dupe and a egg brush cleaner so I got them aswell.



First up, this Artis brush dupe. Find it here.   £0.99 inc post&packaging.
This was a lot smaller than I expected, it’s pretty small. But, it would be amazing for under eye concealer, setting your make up with powder or cream/powder contour!

The brush itself is pretty dense and it’s hard to move around although it’s great for blending because of how many bristles there are, did i mention it’s extremely soft and lovely to use?


Next up! This ‘egg shaped brush cleaner’ (find it here)  you can get this in a few different colours (i got white to fit my aesthetic, wish they had a black one)!

This is better  than I expected! It’s a good size, you could wash any brush size with this. It’s a plasticy/silicon material which means it doesn’t hold bacteria and it’s easy to clean. It’s a total bargain and your hands will thank you for not drying them out anymore!


I also ordered this 227 Mac Dupe brush, I have to admit this brush was SUPER scratchy and it shredded a lot at first. After conditioning it and soaking it in a gentle cleanser it feels brand new and not scratchy whatsoever, I love it for blending and applying a colour all over the lid, it’s a perfect size too!



224 eye brush. (99p)
This is the exact same brush! I know what you’re thinking.. they look different.
That’s because I actually cut the brush on the right, it was just too big and fluffy to get an accurate blend. So naturally, I cut it to be a tapered end! I’m very happy I did that, the original brush was just too big for your eyes (you could use it under your eyes for powder though).
It was only 99p so you could cut this into any shape you want and experiment! It’s a nice feeling fluffy brush and it was worth the pound.


Last but not least, this Urban Decay double ended brush dupe is AMAZING.

The bristles are so soft and the perfect size for blending and applying, this would be a perfect makeup back staple for on the go and travelling.
I need to go back and buy more, this brush is the winner of them all. If you have to try one brush I mentioned definitely get this one.

Have you ever tried Ebay brushes? Do you think you will after this post?

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