Top Springtime Fragrances



Spring is one of my favourite seasons, I honestly can’t wait for Summer. I can’t wait for when you can leave the house without 50 layers on.
Here’s a rundown on my 3 fave scents that I’ll be wearing soon!

First up, River Island’s Paris perfume. I love River Island perfume, I have their Nighttime version of this and I am definitely going to be trying and buying more of their fragrances.
I’d say Paris is an special occasion perfume that’s perfect for daytime and has a citrus note to it. River Island say it’s uber feminine and that it’s blended with dark amber and vanilla bark.
This perfume is available for £10 for 30ml, or £12 for 75ml (it’s definitely worth your money to get the £12 one, or you could get the smaller size for travel).
I think you could wear this to daytime events & meetings as it has a mature aspect to it.

Second up, a fresh and soft scent. This one reminds me of a beach mixed with freshly washed clothes. The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom spray is a lovely scent for daytime plus it stays all day and the scent lasts.
I know the Body Shop have recently changed the packaging of this to a more of a ‘perfume bottle’ whereas the one I have looks like a body mist.

& last but not least! Rihanna’s Rogue is the most unique perfume I’ve ever smelt! It’s a combination of fruity, sweet & fresh. I absolutely love the packaging aswell, it’s modern looking and I love the textured lid.

What will you be wearing this Spring?


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