February Faves!

January & February are my least favourite months, there’s nothing much to look forward to and it’s always a pretty cold, dark and dull time! I’m currently digging myself out of the February blues so I’m that’s relieved that it’s over.
Anyone else feel like that?

Here are my favourites that have made these winter months a bit brighter.

First up is this heart shaped bowl, I keep little things in here like bath bombs or things I need to do a blog post on! I recently put this in a haul, it was £1.29 from home bargains.
I’ve also have been loving Primark candles such as these tealights. £1.30 for a ton of them, I got the scents Sea Salt & Lavender, and Lotus Flower.
They fill the room up with a lovely, spa like scent and I like to burn 2 at a time.

I cannot believe I haven’t mention this primer before! It’s the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix eyeshadow primer. I love to put this on then set it with powder & it does wonders for my oily eyelids (GROSS)! This primer was about £2.50 and it has a light tint of colour to it.

Next up! These eyelashes… I’m not going to go into full depth yet as I have another set of them arriving sometime this week so follow me to see these on and a full review. All I am gonna say is they’re amazing.



I also featured this in my fave affordable hair products. I used this on Saturday before a house party and my hair looked freshly washed and helped my hair look more voluminous and clean until the next day when I had a lovely hangover….


Look at the mess I’ve made already! I’ve mainly been using the bronzer shade for contour and I’ve been using the highlighters so much (and gotten ‘highlight on fleek’ compliments) this past month. For £6 this palette is a must-have.

I’ve done a full review on this with swatches here  (opens in new tab).



& Last but certainly not least, Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend Palette has been the love of my life. I absolutely love this palette! It’s so perfect. I’ve also done a full review on this here .
I’ve been loving using freshly toasted, subtle blend and pure ganache specifically this month for neutral eyes with some winged liner.

What’s been your favourites this month?

11 responses to “February Faves!

  1. Love these favorites, especially the lashes, Hope to hear more about them! Also wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! 🙂


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