£2 Ebay Eyeshadow Palette?


I wish that the almost gone pan was due to me using this palette so much!
But sadly not, I used this eyeshadow because I saw one of those ‘DIY Lipstick from Eyeshadow’ videos & I wanted to make a brown lipstick (which turned out disastrous)!

Of course, there’s a whole lot of drama as to why you shouldn’t get these palettes because they contain bad chemicals or something – you can research for yourself.
I’m simply here to provide my review on the swatches & shades and how they wear.


I was drawn to this palette because of this cranberry, reddish shade with cool undertones. I wanted it to be a dupe for the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette (but it isn’t).
This palette is all matte neutral, natural shades from cool tones to warm chestnuts and apricot shades. There’s not a whole lot of variation between the shades but the price point is pretty attractive.


top row of shades, the white is barely noticeable.

Of course these eyeshadows aren’t high end quality, I’d say they match up to drugstore eyeshadows because you need to tap your brush for fall out & you DEFINITELY need a primer. I wore these without a primer and the eye-shadow was pretty much non existent in an hour!


second row of shades.

Nonetheless, I think this palette would be great for a beginner that’s just wanting to try out different eyeshadow looks without breaking the bank. I definitely wouldn’t get this if you wear eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis and want something of excellent quality.

If you want an amazing eyeshadow palette with the colours like this – with mattes but also shimmers definitely check out Zoeva Cocoa Blend for £15.


Some of the shadows were less pigmented than others, the end row black shade came off more as a charcoal black but it was pretty pigmented.

Find the palette here.
Have you ever gotten anything from Ebay? What experience have you had?

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