Amazing Affordable Hair Products

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Hair products are pretty much something I use on an everyday basis – therefore I don’t wanna be splashing out the cash on a bottle of hairspray.
When it comes to hair-care, such as shampoo & conditioner maybe spend a little more to get those high quality ingredients to nourish your hair.


I love leave-in conditioners, especially ones  that de-tangle your hair. I’ve been using this ‘Aussie Miracle Recharge’ leave in conditioner since I was a child, my mum used to spray this in my hair after she washed it so it would be easy for her to style it!
So I’ve practically been using this since I was a young girl, the smell is absolutely gorgeous. It has a light consistency and a bubblegum scent, you should use this when your hair is slightly damp & towel dried.
This often tends to be on offer or in deals at shops & drugstores, so go over to the hair section and give it a go!

I’m currently onto my second bottle of COLAB dry shampoo, they’re amazing. Colab have a wide variety of scents and bottle sizes (great for travel purposes!).
I used up the London scent which was a classy, fresh scent but I wanted to try a new one therefore leading me to buy RIO. This scent is fruity, fresh and summery. I would definitely recommend these for my lazy readers who can’t be bothered to wash their hair! Hahaha

I feel like I’ve tried out so many Got2B hair products in my teenage years, therefore leading me to put two of their products in this list!
First up, their Argan Dry oil Mist adds a lovely scent and shine to your hair. I love to use this on my hair and brush it through after I straighten it, so it adds a pretty glow!

Another Got2B product I love is their Beach Matt spray, on the opposite spectrum, if you wanted beach waves/curls with a lot of texture and no shine then this guy is for you.

Touch of Silver is a holy grail company for my blonde or grey haired gals/guys.
(I wish they made their scent of hair products into a perfume, it’s honestly so divine).
Their dry shampoo is one of my faves which I’ve repurchased LOADS since I was 13. They’re a total winner in my books and I use multiple hair products by them on a weekly basis!

Let me know your fave affordable hair products!

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