Nude Lip Liners for All Skin Tones?

1 There’s so many different nude lip products out there that it kind of just gets a bit overwhelming! NYX is totally affordable and has a huge range of lip liners so I thought, why not choose the best nude liners and give you a bit of a review with swatches!


Natural is a peach toned, pinky nude that would be perfect for light/medium skin tones. It has a matte finish & looks very natural.

Beige would be a great fit for light skin tones, it’s a metallic light pink with cool undertones and it looks seriously cool when worn all over the lips as a lipstick.

Mauve is a great option for medium/dark skin. This berry toned nude is gorgeous all year round and anyone could pull it off.

Brown Café is a SUPER pretty brown that would fit dark skin perfectly. It has warm undertones and a pigmented finish.

Lastly, Ever (a fantastic dupe for Mac Twig) is brilliant for every skintone, it’s a pink toned nude with warm undertones.

All NYX lip liners available here

Which one is your favourite?

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