On-Trend, Stunning Fresh Makeup?


The hype over ‘glowy, dewy’ skin is a trend I truly love, it makes you look healthy and extremely pretty! Here’s a little tutorial on how to achieve that look. All of the products I will show are pretty much drugstore apart from the Mac lipstick.

First up, use your moisturizer/primer and get your skin ready! Make sure not to use a matte-effect primer.

Then use MUA’s Hydrro Foundation, these foundations are lovely and lightweight but have some coverage to them. This foundation hydrates your skin and prepares your face for the day!

Use the Seventeen Glow for a highlight and bronzer in one! This shimmer brick is so versatile and easy to use whilst having a pretty price. Full review on this product here.P9870027

Using the Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba, dust the apples of your cheek lightly. ** Remember not to smile whilst applying blush! When you do this, it makes the blush too low down because when you stop smiling your face naturally drops.


Using the ‘LashLength’ Natural Collection mascara, do a few coats with a brown or black mascara to open up your eyes.
MUA’s eyebrow pencils are one pound and come with a spoolie on the end. They have a few shades to suit everyone. With a light hand, lightly draw fine hairs and fill in your brows.


Lastly, apply Mac’s Twig and make your lips as pigmented as you like. This colour is certainly going to suit anyone! If you want to see a review on this lipstick go here.

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