Amazing Spring Lip Products!

Spring starts on the 1st of March this year, meaning you have about 2 weeks to get your signature lip colour!
Have no fear, because I am here to present you 5 stunning products you should consider getting.


If you love natural, nude colours this one is for you.
Rimmel’s Nude collection by Kate Moss has you covered, This line has every nude shade to fit all skin tones (that’s what we like to hear).
The formula is sheer and moisturizing with a good amount of colour. For £5.49 from Superdrug, you have yourself a bargain lovelies!


This £1 matte lipstick from MUA in Lilac Belle is such a unique, pigmented awesome colour.
Pair this with some bronzer, winged eyeliner & mascara and you have yourself a winner combination!
For £1, again sold at Superdrug, you really can’t go wrong.
Try it out and see if it suits you.



Freedom are new on the market and have some lovely options, this being one of them.
I have their Pro Melts lipgloss in D-Ream and it is unexpectedly much more pigmented than a normal lipgloss, if you added translucent powder it would look like a liquid lipstick.
I was shocked by how great it is! For 3 pounds, you can’t really go wrong.


If you haven’t heard about this Soap & Glory lip gloss you’ve probably been living under a rock.
I got this in a gift set at Christmas and I love it! It’s such a unique lip gloss. If you didn’t know already it ‘plumps’ your lips and makes them tingle for a while, it also smells of chocolate and has a hint of colour.


MUA’S Symphonic is another unique colour, I recently did a post on this here  so go and check a more thorough review there.
This cool lilac grey toned liquid lipstick is mysterious and cool. I’d say it’s one of the best, cheap liquid lipsticks on the market.


What’s gonna be your staple this Spring/Summer?

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