Eyeshadow Inspired by Chocolate?!

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette has  a stunning range of eye-shadows and a great selection, not only does it look beautiful on your dressing table but it looks even more delightful on your eyes!

I picked up this palette about a month or two ago and I’ve used it quite a lot, it has such beautiful colours and they’re very wearable and neutral. You can wear a very simple look with one wash of colour over the lid or go you could go full out with the amazing pigmentation. The possibilities are endless with this versatile, classy, chic palette.

I’d say this palette has the quality of a high end palette but the slightly higher price than high-street shadows, such as L’Oreal.

This palette was £15.50 and I got it from BeautyBay as they offer free delivery over 15 pounds, bargain!

I love to opt for ‘Substitute for Love’ or ‘Freshly Toasted’ with winged eyeliner over the top for college, if I was going to a fancy occasion I’d use shades ‘Beans are White’ in the crease and ‘Bitter Start’ all over the lid.


These shadows apply with amazing pigmentation and little to no fall out, so remember to tap your brush before you apply. They’re also brilliant to build up with, so you can have as much or as little intensity as you like.

The shimmery shades (Warm Notes, Simple Blend, Delicate Acidity and Pure Ganache) are noticeably creamier than the matte due to the formula.



(from left to right)
Beans are White,     Subtle Blend,      Warm Notes,      Sweeter End,      Bitter Start.


Pure Ganache,      Substitute For Love,        Freshly Toasted,         Infusion,     Delicate Acidity.

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Note from me;
Hi , I apologize for my lack of great pictures. I need to figure out the settings , lighting ETC.

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