Ways To Become More Independent For Teens (15-19)

Maybe you’re looking for ways to be more independent as you are approaching  adulthood, or maybe you haven’t even thought about it before.

Here’s why you should consider the benefits of becoming more independent , but remember you won’t be completely dependent on yourself overnight – it will take day by day however by the end you will feel abit more happy within yourself.


Go Shopping on your Own.

Making a list of the things you need and having a budget can help to prepare you for adulthood, it also teaches you how to control money and finances – which is a brilliant skill.

Going on your own is great too because you can spend as much time as you like shopping and you don’t feel rushed by the people around you,  and nobody is annoying or moaning at you!

Start to clean up, Do more chores

As much as you hate the word ‘chore’, getting your parents/guardians to show you how to use the washer, iron, dishwasher is a great benefit and you don’t learn it in school!

You can’t be living in a pig-sty so you have to learn early or else you’ll learn the hard way.
Which reminds me of the time my friend and I put Fairy Liquid straight into the dishwasher then the next thing you know, the kitchen was like a jacuzzi room!

Learn to cook for Yourself.

If you have a good cook in the family take tips/tricks and recipes off them.

If not, this website is brilliant
http://www.supercook.com , you enter the ingredients you have and BAM a recipe WITH instructions in front of you.
The internet is a great place for recipes, tutorials and videos on how to bake/cook.Learning to cook for yourself will benefit you for the rest of your life, as impressive as it is to others, it really is a key skill in looking after yourself.

Dress How You Want, Be Yourself.

One of the many sayings go ‘Be yourself, you’re one of a kind’

This is very true. You’re a dynamic person and there’s no-one like you out there.
If you like that dress, if you feel like it fits you and your personality go out there and rock it.
Don’t follow trends to ‘fit in’ if they make you uncomfortable, unless you love the trend go for it.

Be yourself and remember to not follow the crowd, if everyone was the same the whole world would be so boring!

Remove Toxic People from your Life.

If your bus buddy sits next you each morning making discriminating jokes that make you feel uncomfortable then it’s time to cut them out of your life.
If any of your friends or people around you are a negative influence and don’t benefit your life and you as a person then it’s time to pull the plug on your relationship.Doing this helps you to stick up for yourself and know your rights and wrongs. It positively changes your surrounding and helps you to be more optimistic.

Take Yourself Out

Even if it’s a small thing like going to eat lunch by yourself, just because you want too.
Or you could go see a movie alone (it’s also good because you don’t have anyone trying to talk to you through the whole thing)
Doing small/big things alone helps you to depend on yourself and sometimes shows you that your own company is brilliant!

So , reading this.. Do you feel motivated to become independent? Or do you feel as if you already do all of these things?
Plus what tips do you have to become more independent?

Start the discussion below!

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2 responses to “Ways To Become More Independent For Teens (15-19)

  1. A really good blog post Hannah. Being independent is a lot more important than most people realise. If I may, I would add one very important thing to your list, which is…

    'Think for yourself'

    Just because your friends or your family do something, it doesn't mean that you have to do so too. Voting for X in elections is a good example, but there are plenty of others too…


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