Rimmel; Nude Kate Moss Lipstick in 45


45 is a pink creamy nude colour.


Rimmel have a new collection of the well-loved Kate Moss lipsticks!
They’re hopping on the bandwagon and have presented us with 5 shades of nude colours.

Today I picked up number 45 which is a light pinkish nude colour that fits my extremely pale skin tone perfectly!
The packaging is simple, pretty and modern with a silver metallic band around the opening.

As you can see, there’s 5 shades in variations of skin tones which is brilliant for POC,

The formula of the lipstick is beautiful, creamy and moisturising. It doesn’t highlight whether you have chapped lips either.
This lipstick could be worn during daytime with winged eye-liner and mascara or worn at night-time with brown eye-shadow and false lashes.


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