Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette: Mermaids VS Unicorns

Makeup Revolution are taking over the beauty world, their variety and choice of products from eyeshadow palettes to lip lacquers are getting the beauty guru’s very excited!
This Mermaids VS Unicorn Palette is no exception!
I got this palette for only four pounds, and in this case I must say that paying less doesn’t determine quality.

Look how great the pigmentation is! The colours range from bright teal to dark winter plum and I really do love this palette and the variety of shades.
I tested the cranberry pink colour this morning with a primer and it’s brilliant, it blended beautifully and looked AMAZING on my hazel/green eyes.

The shadows work great with the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix eyeshadow primer and it helped the shadows to become slightly creamy and even more bendable.

I’m more of the neutral kinda girl but I thought I’d branch out and try something new!
So, if you’re experimenting but don’t want to spend too much money investing in a good quality eyeshadow palette then this is PERFECT for you.

In the battle of ‘Mermaids VS Unicorns’ I think that in terms of product, the unicorn shades definitely win as for me there is a better variety of darker cool toned shades.
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