6 Things To Make Your Home Cosier This Autumn!

Autumn is around the corner, and everyone’s looking to make their home feel more cosier in the chilly and windy dark nights, so without further ado! These are my top tips to ensure your house is as cosy as it can be.

1. Fairy Lights

Okay, I’m not saying your house has to look like a child’s room.

There are a huge selection of lights to choose from to match your interior (IKEA is your best friend) and in the dull cold autumn evening, these pretty little lights can brighten up your evening.


2. Candles

Whether they’re non scented or smell like a sickly cake factory, candles will be your best friend.
They’re not pricey either! I got the mini jar from a cheap homeware store for 50p and apple tealights for £1, Bargain! These will make your home extra cosy, just remember to be careful with fire safety.



3. House Plants
Cacti are my favourite, but you’re spoilt for choice regarding house plants. If you’re not a fan of prickles, bonsai are perfect and make your home in touch with nature. House plants are pretty low maintenance if you go down the cactus route and add a breath of life.


4. Personal Pictures

Adding pictures, whether they’re polaroid or printed off at your local supermarket adds a personal touch and they could be of your family, friends, pets or even just the nature or city surrounding you.

(DIY Photo’s on peg video)


5. A Calendar

It’s pretty standard, but having a calendar with your family’s birthday’s, special events and appointments adds a touch of personality whilst helping you keep on track.

I got my calendar for only £1. You can get them online or at craft shops with a range of designs from cupcakes to cats or your favourite city, a simple calendar can benefit you incredibly



6. Lamps Instead Of The ‘Big Lights’

Honestly, lamps in the corner of the room instead of huge,bright overhead lights sounds much better for your eyes and definitely more homely, and there’s a lamp out their to match your interior.

What are your favourite tricks and tips to getting your home cosy in the dull, cold nights?


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