Essence: Lip Liners




These beautifully creamy lip liners from Essence are a complete steal for £1, and can be picked up from Wilkinson’s (in the UK).
They last for 36 months AKA 3 YEARS! Giving you plenty of time to be used up.
They have 9 different colours (of which I have 6) and come in a nice variety, from peachy pinks to dark reds and bright purples.

The lip liners glide on and can be used as a lip stain, I use them just like a lipstick due to their pigmentation- plus they’re matte!
Definitely worth picking up next time you’re in a Wilkinson’s.

Red Blush – Can be used as a red ‘lipstick’ beautiful, cool toned red colour for everyday or special occasions for a glamorous touch.

Honey Berry – Cool toned purple colour great for all skin tones, staple for Spring/Summer and pairs great with a brown smoky eye.

Cute Pink – Pretty,  ashy pink – lovely for everyday.

Wish me a Rose – Baby pink colour, great for spring and a gorgeous colour for all skin tones.

Satin Mauve – This lip liner is my favourite, a cool toned dark nude-esque colour can be used to create that ‘Kylie Jenner’ Lip.

In the Nude – The swatch doesn’t show true to life, it’s a perfect colour if you’re going for the natural look without the awful ‘concealer lip’ look. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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