MUA: Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless


MUA’s Luxe lacquer is honestly a matte dream. It dries effortlessly and wears beautifully with it’s pigmented, gorgeous bold colour. When I saw the price was only 3 pounds, I jumped at the chance to try this!
When you wear the lacquer, you can carry on with your day feeling flawless because you know it hasn’t budged! It doesn’t move whatsoever and the pigmentation stays ALL day.
The packaging of this product is pretty standard, but great.
Although I would say that the applicator is fine to use straight up; but if you’re a person who struggles with application I would really recommend a lip brush.

The product itself takes around 30 seconds to dry from an almost ‘lip-gloss’ texture to a matte finish, and therefore giving you enough time to correct any errors.

Like other lip products, you have to be careful when drinking (straws are your best friend) and the removal of the product really shows you how much staying power the lacquer has!

Product itself: 9/10
Packaging 8/10
Quality for money: 10/10
Pigmentation 10/10
Recommend? Definitely.

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