BarryM: Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit

excuse the messy packaging!


look at those perfect swatches!! (drools)
I love that it comes with instructions!



You get a good amount of product

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This BarryM kit comes in a sleek, magnetised opening and contains 3 shades (highlight, bronze & contour). On the top of the lid it has ‘instructions’ on how to use the palette (which is great for beginners!). Plus on the back, it provides you with a link which takes you to tutorials OR there’s an option for an app which they have.

Packaging-wise, it is so light and a great size so if you’re a traveller it’s perfect for you. It isn’t bulky either.
The texture of the powder almost has a creamy consistency and blends wonderfully, for really pale people like me, the highlighter could be used as just a powder foundation honestly.

The bronzer shade is amazingly pigmented and blends out wonderfully, so you can build it up which is great for all skin tones. It has a warm undertone and is slightly orange.

The contour shade is a cool,medium toned brown shade and is EXTREMELY pigmented! You need a light hand if you have fair skin and blending is key.

For the price, this contour kit really does it for me. It was around 6-7 pounds and the quality is more than brilliant. I definitely recommend this to anyone with light to tanned skin tones, the downside is that I honestly don’t think darker skin tones could use this.

Price: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Recommend?: 8/10 (just because it isn’t good for all skin tones)

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