MUA: Pink Shimmer Highlighter




I am aware that MUA have 2 other shades of highlighter called Iridescent Gold  and Opalescent Amber(I’d love to try them out sometime soon)!


I got the shade Pink Shimmer, and I am in love!
It’s the most beautiful, pigmented, shimmery highlighter I’ve ever used! It stays on all day and looks so beautiful in all types of lighting.

You can apply it really heavily and pigmented or use a little bit for a tiny glimpse of shimmer for a more natural look.
I think this would be perfect for all skin tones, and for 3 pounds, I don’t think you can go wrong!
You get so much product, it’s lasted me ages and I use it so much.
It goes perfectly with bronzer, or if you wanted to apply it with the rest of your contouring.

The packaging is simple, clean and a good size. I think it’s just abit too big for travelling with though.


Swatch in natural daylight
Swatch in artificial lighting
I use a stipling brush to apply this.

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2 responses to “MUA: Pink Shimmer Highlighter

  1. I've got the gold one and it's so pigmented and gorgeous! Love your blog layout, it's so cute. I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my blog. Thank you!
    Charlotte //


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