BarryM: Natural Glow Palette

The shades don’t have any names indicated on them/the packaging.
The first shade is a toned down mauve/purple shade, the second colour is a bright white, the third is a camel colour
The fourth is a sparkly greenish tinted grey. The fifth is a shimmery pretty golden colour and the last shade is a chocolatey metallic looking brown.

I am a HUGE fan of natural, pretty eyeshadows so when I saw this palette in Superdrug I jumped at the chance to get it
and I grabbed the last one!

The packaging is so simple, but so pretty. It has gold metallic writing that shines in different light.
It comes with a mirror and an applicator.


The first thing you notice when you swatch them is that they are abit
powdery, but some of the shades are pretty pigmented.
It also comes with a blusher which is a cool-toned almost coral coloured light pink. (which BarryM describe as a ‘pastel pink’ on the back)
Some of the colours aren’t greatly pigmented, but, if you like that sort of look then it’s great for you.
Personally I love this palette and it’s really up my street!
The only thing I hate is how much fallout and chalkiness there is to the shades, as you can see in the image above!


The blush is so pretty and subtle, I don’t really wear blush but this could look cute as a extra eye-shadow base/colour!


The mirror is pretty big, which is handy!
 Although, the palette is slightly too big to be travelling with even though the packaging is sturdy.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone, this would fit all skin tones and if you love natural looking eyes this is perfect for you!
Pigmentation 6/10

Packaging 8/10
Quality 8/10
Worth the money? 9/10

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