MUA: Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette


Hey guys , this is my review on the MUA  eye-shadow palette, undress me too.

To start off, the shadows are really pigmented, abit powdery but the quality and price makes up for it.
The packaging is lovely, clean and very durable. It comes with a double sided spongy applicator which I don’t use. I use eye-shadow brushes to apply these.

I swatched the colours without a primer or any kind of wet substance.
To make the shadows more pigmented and awesome you can put a bit of water on them and they instantly are even more pigmented!

These eye-shadows are great for all occasions.

  • weddings
  • at the beach
  • simple day out
  • school/work
  • everydayI love how there’s a combination of shimmery, beautiful golden shades with matte crease browns and I think these eyeshadows would be brilliant for all ages.
Fiery, Shy, Devotion and Naked. These are all pretty shimmery
pale shades, brilliant for base and maybe even highlighter.


Exposed, Tranquil, Dreamy, Lavish
Warm toned mattes and shimmery goldens. 


Corrupt, Obsessed, Wink & Reveal
The darkest, pretty outer crease colours.

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