Revolution Eyebrow Kit


This is a cute little eyebrow kit from Revolution, it includes

  • mini eyebrow tweezers,
  • brush/sponge in one,
  • eyebrow powder
  • setting gel.

I’ve used this nearly everyday for about 3 months, and I love it!
It’s in the kit medium/dark. I can only use the bottom left and top right as they both match me. The top left shade sadly looks gingery on me. The gel is wonderful and helps to set your eyebrows.

The quality, and price (£2.50) is just astonishing for the quality! It stays on all day and looks wonderfully natural. The amount of product and tools it comes with is cool. It’s also perfect for travelling as it comes with a fair sized mirror and tweezers!

I would say this is a holy grail product for me, there’s lots of different coloured kits so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

As you can see, the only downside is that it gets abit messy easily as there’s gel section combined with powder palette.

 << my eyebrow with the top right powder in the kit.

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