MUA Lipsticks


From left to right, Lilac Belle (matte), Shade 9, Shade 10, Wild Berry (matte)

So recently, I’ve majorly been into lipstick!
I’ve been trying out lots of different brands and colours so I thought I may as well give my review on the £1 lipsticks retailed at Superdrug
From mattes to regular moisturising lipstick.

Firstly, I really love how much variety there is!
You can get dark reds or bright neon pinks. The colours are so vibrant and lovely. You can really get them for every skin tone. There’s shades for every season and occasion.

The lipsticks stay on all day, apply evenly and looks lovely.
I think it’s so amazing how cheap they are (£1) for the pay off they give. They’re also super moisturising and feel great on! You can feel how good the formula is.

When you remove the lipstick, it leaves your lips feeling lovely and hydrated! (It feels like you’ve had lip balm on all day) Especially the non-matte ones
I definitely recommend them, they’re a good quality lipstick for the price.

Bright matte Lilac belle, pretty and great for Summer/Spring

Wild Berry, Ideal for Autumn and matches all skin tones. (I didn’t apply it very well here)

Shade 10, moisturising with a natural look.

Shade 9 peachy pink colour, awesome for Spring!

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